Roadtrip Playlist

Our two week drive through Morocco was filled with terrifying roads, incredible views, a few near arrests… and plenty of singing. A lot of those songs we still listen to when taking a drive in our van, and we’ve compiled our perfect roadtrip playlist. Continue reading Roadtrip Playlist

The Sahara

Our 11 hour drive south consisted of lots of swearing and stress, but also the highest mountain roads with views for miles over incredible gorges and rock formations. We took a three hour detour by accident and ended up with a flat tyre down a rocky single lane road in the middle of nowhere, trying … Continue reading The Sahara


The two of us and our friend Ellen from The Wonder of Whisky arrived in Marrakech on Tuesday, set up camp in our (amazing) hostel, and set out into the square for a coffee and a people-watch. We accidentally brought the rain with us, and spent the afternoon jumping in puddles and running from doorway to … Continue reading Marrakech