The Bears

We finally made it to the bear sanctuary! It was well worth the wait; we saw over 30 rescued bears up close, as well as some wolves. Feeding time was the best bit – one was seemingly vegetarian and rolled around enjoying the fruit. We’re now packing up our stuff to leave tomorrow – possibly going … Continue reading The Bears


Since our last post we’ve been working at Arabella’s (our HelpX host), painting her new attic room, chopping wood, sorting out the garden and watching Greg build a bathroom. It’s snowing again, and these past couple of days have been spent trying to get the car up and down the icy mountain road into town. … Continue reading Magura


Arrived at Zarnesti today – finally in the wilds! We had a beautiful train journey today through the mountains outside Brasov this morning, feeling like Jack Kerouac, sitting in the carriage doorway with the guard looking out over the snow. Our hotel for the night is like a tiny Swiss chalet; we went out for … Continue reading Zarnesti