On the Road

Since my last post the van’s come along leaps and bounds, plus Naomi passed her driving test so we can actually take it out. It probably would have been sensible to be able to drive before we bought it, but we do love adventures. The bed’s in, the counter’s up (after violently falling over as … Continue reading On the Road

Fungal Foray

Last weekend we set out into our village’s community woodland for a fungi walk and talk with Dr Christian Taylor, a local mycology expert. The foray was partly to find edible mushrooms, but also to learn about the incredible world of mycellium and the fungi kingdom, which we discovered in the trees around us, the … Continue reading Fungal Foray

And So It Begins

Naomi and I arrived home gone midnight after a long drive to Birmingham and back, with a Ford Transit van and some expensive fudge from the service station. Somehow it managed to fit down the windy Dartmoor lanes and even squeezed perfectly into our driveway, with an inch to spare. Hopefully it’ll be kitted out … Continue reading And So It Begins